As you all remember we mentioned we are having some super awesome people come down to help the Bordo Bello team curate the show. The first of the series are some wonderful minds from KidRobot.

Who are you & what do you do:

We are Joanna Sieghart, Director of Art & Product Development, and Alexandra Anderson, Senior Graphic Designer at Kidrobot, creator of limited edition art toys and apparel. Some of our tasks include collaborating with production to create high quality art-toys, curating artist series, art-directing content for our website, and designing toys, packaging and apparel…And making sure that the butt holes are oriented correctly on Frank Kozik’s Labbits.

Tell us about some your outside interests (beyond the day to day work fun):

Since the recent move to Boulder–Hiking! We also dabble in live music, foreign language, pickling, and travel.

What will you be looking for in this years deck designs?

Unique approaches, creative use of the space, strong color

What inspires you?


Name a few of your favorite websites:

Open Culture, NotCot, Wooster Collective, Design Observer

What is your website:

Share a random image with us: