Who are you & what do you do:

Joshua Edwin Wills is the label I was given at birthing and I’m not sure the things I do fall inside of one neat label. I’m my wife’s best friend as she is mine, I’m a Father, Designer, Art Director, Creative Director, Artist of sorts, Curator, Entrepreneur, Thing Maker.

Tell us about some your outside interests
(beyond the day to day work fun):

I try to let the philosophy of “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” guide me. So in a way the lines between work and the time outside of work blur quite a bit for me. Skateboarding has been a huge influence on my life since elementary school along with music, and cycling. I enjoy a healthy crip walk every now and again!

What will you be looking for in this years deck designs?

Skate-ability… I’m running through the show like I would a skate-shop scanning every deck… so make that shit pop!

What inspires you?

My family.

Name a few of your favorite websites:

www.becauseweliketo.com, www.joyengine.com, and google Michael Sieben’s Internet Shack… Bolts!

What is your website:


Share a random image with us: