This year we really want to celebrate where all your hardwork goes to and how it impacts Denver’s design community.

Bc all of us are coming together to not only have fun, but more importantly help fund AIGA Colorado’s mentorship programs.

One of the foundations Bordo Bello funds is Youth Design Denver. Youth Design provides internships that expose high-school students with creative interest to the world of design, to a variety of work environments and career opportunities in design, and to what it means to work as a professional designer.

Interns are mentored in leading design firms, agencies and design departments and participate in a wide range of tasks and activities integral to the functioning of a design office. Bringing enthusiasm, intelligence, and fresh ideas, YD interns make valuable contributions to their creative workplaces while undergoing an enriching, hands-on learning experience that raises their awareness of design and its potential to play a key role in their future.

This year a wonderfully talented student Jaime was able to have this experience.

The following is her response to her summer experience with Youth Design Denver, as posted on the Local Matters blog:

I’ve had many different thoughts during this internship – gratitude that I get to do it, surprise at how this industry really works, joy at how much fun it is, and also exhaustion at trying to keep up with everything.

I’ve learned so much about all of the little details that go into making large products. The software that Local Matters creates for their clients is so custom and refined. And until you get behind someone and really look at the work that people do, its easy to overlook all of the small things when you using software and websites at home or school. I learn a lot about usability which really struck me as something I had not considered before.

I like the idea of being able to construct a website or page based off of small intricate movements and details that will enhance an users experience. The Information Architects at Local Matters were really impressive because of all of the rigorous work they do on the wire frames (I also learned what a wire frame is) and the descriptions of every, single thing that goes into a page. So usability and interaction was really interesting to learn about. I thought I would learn more about the details of common software like Photoshop, Fireworks and Illustrator. But, even so, I still got to see parts of those applications that I’d never seen before.

I felt overwhelmed at the beginning of the process because a lot of the moving parts of a design process were a bit foreign to me – but eventually began to get used the all of the terminology and concepts. Now I have a whole new appreciation for people who build websites and pages because you have to do a lot of research and studying to figure out what’s best for the site, whether it comes to where each button is placed and how big the font is or which colors or icons to use to improve the users’ experience.

Now every time I use a website I think about how easy it is to use and I’m sometimes even frustrated with how horribly some sites out there are built. It’s funny how my appreciation of well-designed websites has now made me a more critical web user.

A special thank you goes out to Jason Kallas and the team over at Local Matters for being a host for 3 years in a row. You can learn more about the work they do at their website, or follow them on facebook and twitter.