Our friends over at Big Spaceship have lent us one of their masterminds to help contribute to the Bordo Bello event, who goes by the name of Joshua Hirsch. HERE and HERE are videos about him and the company he works for. In 2002, after a retirement from the Rock n’ Roll life, Josh joined Big Spaceship in 2002 (primarily as it’s only coder at the time.) He is now the “Minister of Technology,” which basically means he oversees most of the development in house and is also in-charge of all the R&D. He is a member of the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences and frequently advises Adobe on their upcoming product launches. Much of the work Josh (and his team) are responsible for, are award-winning pieces. Prior to joining, he worked at Guggenheim.com and Asymptote as a designer/developer (coder).

This recognition of him and the rest of the team at large, at Big Spaceship has earned it a top spot in the online and digital media world. Some of the companies Josh has worked with are: Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Coca-Cola, OfficeMax, Corona, Warner Bros., HBO, UrbanDaddy, Epson, Glacéau, Nike, Royal Caribbean, Adobe and Target. That is just the short list, though. Big Spaceship has had a halo effect on the community at large and as such, continually inspires online media/design shops to push the envelope, just as they do. This push for greatness can be seen in them earning lots of awards and also the very first spot in the FWA (Favorite Website Awards) Hall of Fame. Big Spaceship, to-date, has won more FWA awards than any other digital media company on that site, which is incredibly impressive.

Outside of his world at Big Spaceship, Josh is often found giving lectures, attending conferences and overseeing awards panels. Below are some examples of their work but visit their site to get the full list.

Visit Josh and the rest of the team HERE.