Another one of the participants at this years Bordo Bello event is someone you may have heard of or his studio, Mucca Design in New York. Here is a keynote presentation Matteo Bologna gave in France earlier in the year (it is in English, don’t worry.) He was born in Milan, Italy with a grounding in Architecture, Illustration, Graphic Design and Typography. He says often jokes that he was deported from Italy because he does not follow soccer and doesn’t cook (which apparently a sin there) but needless to say, has found a very comfortable spot in the world design scene with his mastermind operations taking root in New York and starting to expand around the world.

Under his leadership, Mucca (pronounced Moo-ka) has won countless awards and recognition and that list continues to grow, almost on a daily basis. Many orgnaizations recognize his studios work including AIGA, Communication Arts, Eye, Graphis, HOW, PRINT, STEP, The Art Directors Club, The James Beard Foundation, and The Type Directors Club. He is also seen frequently giving lectures, presentations, judging student work as well as industry design competitions. He is happily married with two daughters.

For more of Mucca’s work, visit their website.