We have definitely heard about the great work the local team over at Changethethought has been doing, and we are psyched to have them participating in this years event!

ChangethethoughtIt will be exciting to see what concept they come up with from the people behind their super awesome design-focused blog.

For those of us who don’t know about Changethethought, this is what they have to say about themselves: It’s not a mistake that our name is a principle within cognitive behavioral theory. If you want to ‘Changethethought’ in this ever-evolving landscape, you must first change behavior. This applies to all sides of the relationship between agencies, clients and consumers.

We are learning as we create, just like everyone else. Today it is almost more important to do first and then think. Put something out there, the world will tell you if it’s good. The old models no longer apply. Being small allows us to do this effectively in a way that larger agencies cannot.

Nimble, fast, direct, honest, transparent and passionate. We embrace creativity as an active lifestyle. We engage and participate. We have reversed the funnel with a small and focused in-house team that pushes out to a global network of incredibly talented creatives. Tell the truth and be authentic. Embrace change. It’s inevitable. Let’s influence culture together.

Sounds intriguing and super exciting… how will do you think they change OUR thoughts with their deck? hmmmmm…