Last year Andrew Hoffman did a super fun deck. Since then he has had some art shown in Japan for the “Shark Love” art show in which he showed alongside legendary skateboard artist Jim Phillips and world re-known artist Dave Kinsey which is pretty cool.

Now he is back for this year! Hooray!

We think his artist statement says it all:

I am a visual communicator – I convey concepts. The imperfections avoided by society make life unique. I like those imperfections. I love New Urbanism; I hate suburbia – everything is soulless, the same. I hate the same, I like change. I hate that “going green” is trendy – it should be the standard.

The most important thing I was taught in college was learning how to learn. I like to experiment. An exclusive style is for an exclusive audience. My style is diverse. Diversity is important. I believe art is for the masses, not the elite. I create for the masses.

I enjoy Rembrandt. I enjoy Rothko. I enjoy Banksy. I work with digital media, I work with traditional media, and I mingle the two. I’m from a small mountain town but I’m intrigued by urban culture, and it’s gritty texture.

My work is simplistic; my work is complex. I’m simply complex. I’m contradictory. Art is contradictory. I’m an artist.

and we are looking forward to his work!