WorkshopHailing from DUMBO district of NYC, living it up in the studiomates pad, comes 2 founders/designers of Workshop – Jessi Arrington and Josh Stewart. These all-stars not only do incredible work, have great words to live by, but Jessi has even done a TED talk about buying nothing new and she sits on the board of AIGA NY! I think this time we are the lucky so and sos!

And knowing that Jessi loves rainbows and Josh loves greyscale, we think their decks will be quite complimentary.

What’s the back story?

WORKSHOP started as an experiment when in 2005, three professional designers and best friends wanted to know if they could earn a living on their own terms, without having to compromise their values or ideals. Naive? Sure, but fast forward a few hard fought years, and they’re thriving. Did they have to compromise? Like the Kool-aid Man says, “Oh yeah.” But they’re strengthening our vision and living truer to it with each passing day. And the more they’re able to pair with clients who also believe in making the world a better place, the better their job gets. They get to do what they love among friends. They consider their experiment highly successful.