If you were checking out any of the chatter from last years event you would have seen that Mr. Fancy Pants Will Bryant himself participated by doing an awesome deck for us in classic Will style! Well he’s back again for year #4 of Bordo Bello! This year however Will has switched it up by moving from Austin, Texas to sunny *cough* Portland, Oregon. We wonder what kind of mischief he’s getting into up there in Stumptown! One thing’s for sure– he’ll be getting his Bordo Bello on!

Just a little History 101 of the Fancy Pants:

Will Bryant makes stuff as a freelance creative and is a member of Public School, an Austin based collective comprised of designers, illustrators, and photographers. He recently moved to Portland, OR to pursue an MFA in Studio Practice in addition to teaching adjunct both at PSU. He’s known for surfing the internet, crackin’ smiles, and holding hands with his wife in public. He enjoys drawing letters, being wacky, browsing record stores, basketball, and bike rides. Will has had the honor to collaborate with clients such as Gowalla, Nike, Chronicle Books, K2, and would likely make something with you.

Check him out here.