One of our favorite local designers/artists/illustrators/etc. is Andrew Hoffman. Hoffman seems to have his hands in a little bit of everything going on around town here in Denver! Whether it’s pumping out a fresh new marketing piece or slapping some oil up on a canvas– he’s doing it.

This Mile High rock star can’t seem to stop being creative either, he just recently started up the Denver Clothing Co. with his partner in crime Allison Shaw (check out this awesome infographic about how it came into being), he’s done over 20 exhibitions since 2007 (including Bordo Bello every year since our inception), received an arm full of awards for his work, as well as racking up a client list like Mountain Dew, Pabst Blue Ribbon, SoBe, Cartoon Network, Native Eyewear, Qdoba, Flobots, and Universal Studios to name a few. Hoffman is Colorado gold, and one of our local favorites!

Check out more Hoff epicness here