Did somebody say obsessed? I know we sure did! Obsessed about Portland designer Kate Bingaman-Burt! Back in 2002 Kate started her blog Obsessive Consumption focusing on her purchasing habits, illustrating her purchases as a way to keep on track with getting out of debt (what a creative way to problem solve!).

It’s just that kind of creative problem solving that led her to publishing her first book Obsessive Consumption: What Did You Buy Today? which we love! It’s such a unique and introspective look on the things we surround ourselves with. And speaking of unique… that’s exactly what we’re hoping to get from Kate this year because she said yes to doing a deck for us!

A little background on our fave D.I.Y. maven:

Bingaman-Burt is the Assistant Professor of graphic design at Portland State University, but you won’t find that slowing her down! She is also regularly doing installations, murals, gallery shows and also produces a load of work about consumerism, including zines (which are awesome– we snagged three from her at the last AIGA conference in Memphis), clothes, illustrations, photography, and much much more!  She has also done work for IDEO, Madewell, ReadyMade magazine, the New York Times, and Wieden + Kennedy.

Look out Denver– here comes a blast of positive energy and creativity! Check out her work here