field notesSo you prob saw that his Fields Notes brand is on today. And you more then likely bought a few of them if you already didnt have a stack of them stored away. But we are SO proud to say Aaron Draplin agreed to design a deck for us.

We are huge fans of his work, relentlessly read his blog and wonder at the found ephemera he collects for various garage sales and locations across the US.

Bred from the loins of the proud Midwest, this guy was squeezed out in Detroit, in the year 1973 to the proud parents of Jim and Lauren Draplin. Growing up on a steady stream of Legos, Star Wars, family trips, little sisters, summer beach fun, stitches, fall foliage, drawing, skateboarding and snowboarding, at 19 he moved west to Bend, Oregon to hit jumps “Out West.” His career started with a snowboard graphic for Solid snowboards and took off like wildfire soon after. Everything from lettering cafe signs to drawing up logos to thinking up local advertising campaigns were manhandled under the ruse of the newly formed-and gigantically reckless-Draplindustries Design Co.

The rest is history, and the future is his Bordo Bello deck!

Ohio Poster