We are huge cupcake fans here at AIGA Colorado. And thanks to Big Fat Cupcake you will all get some really wonderful treats! (it really rounds out our biscuit, jerky, beer and chip menu, dont you think?)

There is no bigger, fatter cupcake in Denver. Where other foods are advertised as “bite size”, “single serving” or “fun size”, Big Fat Cupcake in Cherry Creek North believes that there is nothing “fun” about being left wanting more. We offer more than 25 flavors of generously sized cupcakes that aren’t sugar-free, moderately portioned or offered in “light” versions. But you know what? They’re the best things you’ve ever had and they make you feel good. At Big Fat Cupcake, we don’t even try to play down our size. We tell it like it is. And we’re pretty confident that you’ll be OK with it.

Go check them out at 129 Adams Street, Denver. 303.322.CAKE