Diabolical Skate Shop is a local skateboard shop in Englewood, Colorado (just outside Denver).

Diabolical is owned and operated for skateboarders by skateboarders, we focus on core skateboarding brands and activities.

In the store this means we have a skateable mini ramp and a huge selection of skateboards, clothing and shoes. We strongly feel the need to support and sell products coming from skater owned companies – at Diabolical you will find products ranging from little guys like: Southern California’s Turf and Philadelphia’s Traffic to big name stuff like: Creature, AntiHero, Indy, Enjoi and Shake Junt but you definitely wont find any Mountain Dews or Nikes.

On a local level we have one of the best and largest teams in Colorado. We provide reduced price shop deck programs to the local kids. Our team and shop supports or enters every contest we can and otherwise just gets out there and has fun while pushing the local skateboarding scene. We’ve also created and host a weekly sunday night street skate session, this is when the team and some of the locals get out and film and take photos, much of those can be seen online here: http://gallery.me.com/diabolicalshop/

As well as the local skate shop we have an online store at www.DiabolicalBoardShop.com, our entire selection is hand picked and everything you see on this website is in-stock and ready for immediate and direct FREE shipping to you.

True to the core, 100% skate shop, come check us out and see (or remember) what a real skate shop is.