For those of you who went to the HOW conference, you may remember these prints done by local artists Stu and Nicky Alden:

Ink Lounge for HOW

And in CASE you didnt get one there, you have another chance bc they have given us a couple to auction off! Sweet!

If you dont know about what their gig Ink Lounge is, well here is the scoop…

Ink Lounge

Ink Lounge is our creative playground where we teach screenprint workshops, experiment with materials and create our own art; all of which inspires and influences our daily design work at Idaho Stew. Each month we schedule one main workshop for adults or kids to give them a healthy dose of creativity where they can learn a screenprint process from start to finish. We also often end up doing various other workshops for non-profits that are seeking something a little different. And, although we say we don’t do any “commercial” printing for clients, we do bend that rule a bit when someone like HOW Design Conference, the Democratic National Convention Committee or Peace Corps comes knocking on our door. But then again, that falls within our beliefs that creativity can do some good things for the world.