here at bordo bello HQ we are making our effort to be green and use our paper use wisely. BUT when we do have print stuff (like our fun how to bid sheets), we have Johnson Printing to thank for helping us out with that.

Johnson Printing specializes in communication solutions from quick digital printing to complicated show pieces. The igen 4, 5 color 40″ Komori and the 5 color web presses that we have on our floor, has made us  the most versatile print communicator in Colorado, capable of handling small quantities to millions of printed communications. We can help get the word out to a few or many customers with our mailing applications.

Oh, you want foil stamping and laminating…we have all that under our roof as well. JP also has the environmental recognition of the Environmental Leadership of Colorado and FSC certifications. If you have a problem, we have a solution.