Drool. A very tasty array of biscuits from the Denver Biscuit Company for all of us to eat and served from their Biscuit Bus – terrific!

Denver Biscuit Company, open since late last year, is the definition of comfort food. The owners, both being from the South, wanted to do something that felt close to home.  Everything, and really everything is homemade at DenBisCo, right down to the sausage patties and pickles.  And everything, save for the artisan grits we get from Tennessee, comes from local farmers, dairies, etc.  It is housed in their main kitchen and allows them to maximize space and hours, while providing a very unique menu to Denver.  They are really showing the versatility of the biscuit as it works well with foods that are sweet, salty, savory, sour, and everything in between.

The Biscuit Bus is the mobile extension of the kitchen.  The Bus is featured around town at farmer’s markets, food bazaars, and random city corners dishing up sandwiches and platters on a near daily basis.  Look out soon for the Biscuit Bus’ 2nd cousin, the Sully Slice Truck, coming soon.

For more biscuit love, check out their site.