When the Odell Brewing Company agreed to provide beer for Bordo Bello, they asked if we would be composting, because if so, they could provide compostable cups. That sparked a conversation about whether we could start AIGA’s green event initiative in thirty days or less without spending any extra money. Maaaaaybe….

We certainly wanted to try.

Greening an event underscores our commitment to the environment and to supporting our community. We live in a state with real forward momentum in clean tech and progressive environmental policies; we want to celebrate and contribute to that effort.

Turns out “greening” an event is not as simple as one might first think. It generally breaks down into four areas: transportation (locating the event at a public-transport friendly site and encouraging guests to walk, ride, carpool); energy use (reducing and offsetting electricity emissions with clean, renewable energy); finding alternatives to plastic water bottles, plates, forks, spoons, etc.; and reducing event waste and diverting it from a landfill.

With information provided by Zero Hero, Eco products, Eco-Cycle and Ellie’s Eco Home Store – we have managed to make a significant reduction in Bordo Bello’s carbon footprint:

1) No plastic water bottles: water stations are being donated by Deep Rock Water – bring your own refillable!

2) We have purchased compostable cups, utensils, plates and napkins from Ellie’s for use by our food and drink providers.

3) We will be composting and recycling event waste.

4) We are public transport-friendly and have some transportation information posted for you too.

We’re off to a good start!