Bordo Bello started at 9th and Santa Fe, three years ago, at Access Gallery. Last year, we grew out of that location and had the event at Andenken Gallery. And alas, we have grown again and returned home to the Santa Fe Arts District.

2010’s home is Artwork Network. And this gallery sets the stage for this event. It has a great flow, and a full 2400 sq ft for us to showcase the very best decks. Not only that, but we have a parking lot outback where we will be showcasing some pretty awesome tricks (more on that later.)

Not only is the space amazing, but creates opportunities for art by connecting buyers and sellers via the web and through our technology-driven art consulting services. We are also a one stop resource for other art related services including artist and gallery membership, business art rotation, art brokerage, leasing, framing, working artist studios, photography, delivery and installation.