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Bordo Bello. Pop culture meets art culture.


Bordo Bello 2010Ask artists “What’s your favorite medium?” and it’s a pretty good bet the first words out of their mouths won’t be “skateboard decks.”

This concept inspired the likes of artists Will Bryant, Mig Reyes, Louise Fili, Sean Adams, Jessica Hische, Jennifer Daniel or the designers from Big Spaceship, Modern Dog and The Heads of State.

Because they, and almost 190 other artists and designers from Colorado and around the country, had just turned skateboard decks into works of art at Bordo Bello, AIGA Colorado’s salute to art, design and the Outside Boardslide.

And these boards, adorned with monsters, sea creatures and various parts of the human anatomy, clearly expressed a level of creativity that delighted the packed to fire-code-capacity crowd inside the Artwork Network Gallery.

Here was a rare chance to see a display of talent from people who wouldn’t normally have their work hung on the same walls, much less featured in the same gallery.

But they all had come together to celebrate the community of art and design–and contribute to a couple of great causes. This year, almost three quarters of the decks sold the night of the silent auction, showing tremendous support VSA Arts/Access Gallery, the AIGA Colorado Robert Taylor Scholarship and Youth Design. The event raised just under $10,000.

The mentorship opportunities created by Bordo Bello is vast and wide. VSA Colorado/Access Gallery is a national non-profit organization that’s been promoting the creativity of people with disabilities for over 30 years. Youth Design provides promising high school students internships in leading design firms, agencies and design departments. The AIGA Colorado Robert Taylor Scholarship provides a scholarship for a talented AIGA Colorado student group member.

“We wanted to show students to see what life would be like in the art community,” said AIGA Membership Director Elysia Syriac. And in fact, many of the boards were collaborations between artists and the students themselves.

Besides these worthy causes, the evening was also dedicated to fun and celebration of Colorado culture–the crowd blew through three kegs of Odell’s beer in the first two hours and another had to be ordered at the last minute–and to at least one surprise. The Denver Egotist auctioned off a crated board supposedly revealing the names of the people behind this anonymous website. Who placed the winning bid? Unfortunately, that’s also anonymous.

Every year, Bordo Bello gets bigger and better. And if this year is any indication, next year will be “even more awesome,” said Syriac. “It’s crazy to think of how large the impact of the event is. We not only inspire the next generation of artists, but current designers across the nation. I can’t wait to see what they create next year.”

2010 by the numbers

5 cash sponsors • 18 companies donated products • 12 companies donated services •  45 volunteers • 180 artists • over 500 attendees • $9,600 raised

2010 image recap

the deckstimelapse videoevent imagespics from the social media booth

2010 zero waste effort

And our green efforts resulted in the following:

• 210 pounds of materials through recycling and composting
• 88% of all your discards!
• 7 gallons of gasoline in energy savings
• 461 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions

• 1 pounds of air pollution
• .4 pounds of water pollution
• .5 pounds of toxic herbicides that threaten plants, wildlife, humans and our food systems
• 100 pounds of substances that threaten human health, including carcinogens, particulate matter and volatile organic compounds