Letterpress is an incredible, timeless printing method. And here in Denver, we are so fortunate to have a some true craftsmen available to help up with our letterpress dreams.

Genghis Kern Letterpress & DesignOne of them is Jason Wedekind, of Genghis Kern. He has not only donated his time to help us with our poster for the event, but has also offered a Free Print Run*  as one of our door prizes!

How sweet is that! We know that you are itching to do a letterpress run for that awesome idea you have in your head. But if you’re having a hard time coming up with something to letterpress… contact Genghis Kern and they’ll surely have a suggestion or three. So be sure to stick around for the auction on Friday night and you might have a chance to win the art of letterpress and experience it first hand.

* The winner will receive a one color letterpress print run of up to 250 pieces. Materials not included. This is non-transferable, and can be also be used toward a larger print run.