Artist Roster

Oh hells yes. Locally owned Artist Roster has not only agreed to supply the music for this event, but is also an uber sponsor! Now you all wont be listening to some lame mix your kid sister could make.

For those of you who might not have heard about, they are a music recommendation service and Denver-based promoter of independent artists from around the globe.

They put together a weekly e-newsletter highlighting some of the best artists found from numerous media channels. Not only do they include full-length MP3s for preview along with a link to purchase the music, they also include music videos, photos, and other interesting tidbits about each band.

Some of their favorite artists from this year include, Empire Of The Sun, Grizzly Bear, Bat For Lashes, Other Lives, Memory Tapes, Florence And The Machine, and Phoenix. Don’t recognize most of them? Sign up for the free newsletter and get informed at

Look for ArtistRoster events in Denver at the beginning of 2010.