A special thanks goes out to Nick at Core Action for helping us get all the boards for the artists to use for this event. They proudly sponsored this event last year and they are back again to help out.

Who is Core Action you say?

Well, Core Action provides the most comprehensive interactive experience for the dedicated action sports enthusiast.

For them:

The stoke doesn’t end with the grind. Or when the last snow falls. And it doesn’t end when the surf is bad or it’s raining at the dirt track. If you ride a board or a bike every free minute then it’s a lifestyle not a hobby. It’s about living, breathing and daydreaming about getting that adrenaline fix. We understand how thoughts of a frontside pool slash or the clang of P-tex and metal edges sliding down a kinked rail constantly interrupt your concentration. That’s the Core Life. Your teachers won’t get it, neither will your girlfriend and some of your friends might never understand.

We are glad to have them as one of our sponsors!